Many children lack the opportunity to identify and grow their talent. This is particularly difficult for the following reasons:

Workless Families

1,113,028 million children in workless families

Mental Health

1,032,898 million children with emotional or mental health issues


944,240 children who have been neglected


805,738 children who have been bullied in the past six months

Temporary Housing

123,520 children living in temporary housing

Our mission is to provide opportunities to unlock the talent.

Children’s Commissioner’s 2019 childhood vulnerability report, England data.

mabel's objectives

Mabel’s Objectives


We will inspire 12 million children in the UK and beyond to realise their talents, be kind and make the world a better place – by 2030


We will fund truly inspiring extra-curricular schools activities for over 2 million children – by 2030

impact targets

Impact targets


Target: 20% improvement in school attendance

If an extra-curricular programme is well designed, this is proven to be a real driver for a child to want to attend school.

Self Esteem

Target: 20% reduction in emotional or mental health issues

The more children achieve success through activities they are passionate about, the more their self confidence improves and the more friendships they make.


Target: 20% improvement in grades

Studies consistently show that students who participate in extra-curricular activities achieve higher grades, more positive attitudes towards school and higher academic and career aspirations.

Supported by :
i) Government’s Social Mobility Commission, report, July 2019: “An Unequal Playing Field” – check out report in Mabel’s Hub.
ii) the “the role of extra-curricular activities in a student’s development”, April 2017.

current initiatives

Current Initiatives


Our first partnership.

Mabel’s Fund is starting out in Washwood Heath, a ward in Birmingham where 57% of children live in poverty. The highest rate in Birmingham. Our first partner is Washwood Heath Academy, a large school with over 1500 pupils.

We are funding the first set of activities in June / July 2021. Funded from all profits made by Mabel’s Business. Find out more in the video above.

Washwood Heath Academy achieved a “good” rating at the latest Ofsted inspection. 58.3% of pupils are entitled to Free School Meals (national average – 23%) and 59% of pupils count English as an additional language (national average – 21.2%).

We are really excited to work with the Academy to inspire pupils and to build excitement, pride, confidence and fun.

“Why are you doing this, what is the problem?”

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