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Children’s Commissioner

Childhood vulnerability in England 2019.

2.3 million children are living with risk because of a vulnerable family background.

829,000 children are “invisible” – not known to services.

1,032,898 children with self reported mental health or emotional issues.

805,738 children have been bullied in the last 12 months (aged 12 to 17).

Social Mobility Commission

An unequal playing field, extra-curricular activities, soft skills and social mobility.

The school you go to, the area you grow up in, and your socio-economic background largely determine what types of activities are available outside the classroom.

Extra-curricular activities are associated with a range of other positive outcomes (e.g. achievement, attendance at school).

Household income is by far the most important factor driving gaps in participation.

UK Child Poverty Index

End Child Poverty’s statistics on child poverty levels in every constituency, local authority and ward in Britain.

Child poverty estimates tend to be the highest in large cities, particularly London, Birmingham and Greater Manchester.

Child poverty in the UK is rising.

The income of the UK’s poorest families has been hit by severe real-term cuts in benefit levels and by higher housing costs. COVID-19 is making things worse.

Children’s Commissioner Report

Social Mobility Commission Report

UK Child Povery Index Statistics

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