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Mabel’s story

Mabel was incredibly brave when, at the age of 11, she was separated from her family and evacuated to safety during the Coventry Blitz of World War II. She was even braver to run away after suffering abuse.

Mabel was incredibly kind when, at the age of 71, my parents got divorced. She made a special effort to empathise with my Dad, as well as my Mum, her daughter.

Mabel was incredibly strong when, at the age of 82, she battled cancer. She got the all clear at the age of 88.

Instances of abuse, divorce and cancer are examples of life’s many challenges that impact most of us. If it doesn’t impact you, you will know someone.  To this day, Mabel tells many stories about a life filled with challenges and inspiration. She has come out the other end with big smiles and lots of love. Therefore perfectly aligned with the values of Mabel’s Enterprise.

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The Coventry Blitz


This original, royalty-free archive footage is courtesy of our generous friends at the World at War documentary series. Please note that not all footage was taken in the Coventry area.
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Matt, Mabel & Beth

Matt Henderson is Mabel’s Grandson and the founder of Mabel’s Enterprise C.I.C. And that’s baby Beth, Matt’s third child (definitely Daddy’s girl!).

Matt believes in equal opportunities for all children, irrespective of their background.

Matt had a great family upbringing and state school education, which lead to Cambridge University offering him an unconditional offer to study there. This is where he met his future wife and embarked on a career as an accountant, management consultant and more recently a team leader.

Matt has left the corporate world behind to pursue his dream of inspiring children to realise their talents.

Matt is incredibly grateful for all the life opportunities that a great upbringing and education has provided. He believes all children deserve similar opportunities.

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